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Software Licensing

[2955-AE] Suffolk University Law School, Boston MA Spring 2014

Professor Peter M. Moldave

Note, this wiki relates to a course which was last taught in Spring 2014 and is not being updated.

Course Description

This course will explore structuring, drafting and understanding software licensing agreements, including those involving open source software and software as a service (SAAS). It will also cover relevant case law and related antitrust, bankruptcy and tax issues. Some aspects of licensing and distributing books and music via electronic channels will also be discussed.



Interesting articles on security flaw found in Apple's OS/X and iOS software: here and here

Class Time, Location, Schedule and Assignments

Class is each Tuesday from 6pm to 7:50pm in SGT 365.

See the Schedule for the for week by week details on topics covered and assignments.


Current Class Notes

None yet.

General Information


Our basic text is Nimmer, Licensing of Intellectual Property and Other Information Assets (2007) (Lexis Nexis).

Assignments and Reading

Some assignments may include problems and/or additional cases not in the case book. Both additional cases and problems should be printed out and brought to the assigned class. I may also provide additional materials through email or on this site such as recent newspaper articles or cases.

Attendance and Preparation

Each student is expected to fully complete all class assignments and to attend class meetings regularly. I require class participation by all students in the class. If called on you are required to participate. It is unacceptable to "pass" or to be unprepared for class. My preference is for each student to have a large piece of paper with his or her name on it in front of them (at least in the first couple of class) to facilitate discussion. Please avoid coming to class late because it is extremely disruptive to your classmates. Please turn off any cell phones, pagers or other noisy items during class.


The final grade is based on a final exam; however, it may be reduced for lack of class attendance or preparation. The final exam will be essay (or multiple essay) questions; it will not be multiple choice. See Sample Exams for exams given in previous years. You are responsible for all assigned reading, any information discussed in class which is not in the assigned reading and any supplemental materials provided in hard copy or via electronic form.


Contacting Me

Feel free to talk to me before or after class. You can make a specific appointment to see me if that is more convenient. You can also contact me by sending e-mail to me at or call me at 617-531-8340.

Contacting You

In general, I will notify you using email (or posting on this site). In general, I will attempt to post all substantial materials and changes in the assignments for the Tuesday class by the previous Friday. However, small amounts of additional materials may be posted on Monday (example: news articles), so please check the site before class.

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