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Term GNU GPL Mozilla Public License BSD License
Notice Must include copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty on all copies; must distribute a copy of the License with any copies Must include copy of license with all licenses, and terms cannot be offered or imposed that would alter or restrict the license. Only need to include copyright notice and permission notice in supporting documentation.
Additional Independent Work Includes otherwise independent and separate works if distributed “as part of a whole which is a work based on the Program”; •complex definition what is “as part of”; Combination on media does not in itself cause parts to be a single product Free software may be include in a larger work, but the requirements of the license must be fulfilled for the free software. Allowed without restriction
Modifications to base Modifications must include statement referencing contributor and documenting the changes Modifications must include statement referencing contributor and documenting the changes Allowed without restriction
Effect of Third Party Rights May not be able to distribute Notice requirement if contributor is aware of third party licenses required No restriction
Ability to charge May charge a fee for the physical act of transferring a copy; May offer warranty protection for a fee; No fee based on for further redistribution by third party May charge a fee for warranty, support, indemnity or liability obligations, but must indemnify contributors for resulting liability. No restriction
Public domain No reference No reference No reference
Source Code Source code must be provided with (or made available for nominal additional cost) all licenses Does not appear to be required, although customers must be notified that source license is available
Contribution Back No reference Each licensee who creates or contributes to the creation of Modifications gives a license to other licensees to use the Modifications and a license under patent claims No reference
Termination Terminates if licensee copies, modifies, sublicenses, links with or distributes in violation of the License Terminates if uncured breach; Terminates if licensee asserts patent infringement against contributor relating to the free software, unless licensee agrees to pay royalty for free software or drop the claim; License rights from a participant terminate if licensee asserts patent claim against the participant for *anything* (effective as of first use) No reference
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